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Forex testimonials from people like you.

Below are just a small sample of people who've written us to tell us their stories and experiences with forex. Most started just like you - wanting to improve their financial situation, increase their wealth, security, and happiness - and start a new future where they're in control. We encourage you to read these true forex testimonials and see that you, too, can use forex trading as a means to a better future!

"I set out with the goal of trading forex as a part time job - A year later I'm trading forex full time and have just quit my old job that I hated. My forex enterprise has definitely changed my life for the better - now I'm my own boss! I always knew I was capable of far more than I was doing at work. I knew I could do alot more but was never given the chance. Now I make my own breaks and do WHAT I want, WHEN I want."
Tom Forsythe, New York - USA

"I enjoy the freedom to trade Forex online from the comfort of my home. I work shifts so it's nice to know that I can trade Forex 24 hours a day. You helped me pick a trading platform that really worked for me - thanks!! If only I had discovered Forex a couple of years ago I'd have my house paid for already."
Luis Quesada, Los Angeles - USA female forex testimonial

"I've spent a great deal of time looking for a good Forex review and your site has been extremely helpful. Thanks for the Forex information, it's really helped me learn a lot and now I'm actually trading Forex and doing pretty well. With the amount of leverage you can use it allows you to actually trade big money, without actually having a very big deposit. It's the perfect investment vehicle."
Meredith Freemantle, New Orleans - USA

"When I first started learning about Forex, I didn't know a Forex spread from a pip - now it's much easier and I'm doing better all the time. Once you understand the spread it starts to get clearer. It took me a couple of months before I felt really confident...but now I know what I'm doing and really happy I discovered Forex."
Mark Honour, London - England

"I'd always wondered how foreign exchange rates were set. After reading your review on forex rates I finally got it. I took your advice and opened a demo forex account and I've really been having fun. I can hardly wait to put some money in and start trading for real!"
Bruce Claven, Toronto - Canada

forex trader's testimonial "After I opened a free forex demo account and started trading, I really started to understand how forex works - now I'm making a decent part-time income trading forex from home. I figure if I stick to my system I can quit my "day job" in about 8 to 10 months."
Wade Hoppe - South Africa

"Your forex trading tutorial helped me understand the driving forces behind foreign currency exchange. At first it seemed just way to complicated, but now I see it's actually quite simple. Thanks!!"
Mary Walker, Brisbane - Australia

"Forex currency exchange has really become almost an obsession for me! Once I learned how to trade online, I was hooked. Now it's turned into quite a decent part-time much so that now my wife wants to learn. We had to buy another computer so we can both trade at the same time. With both of us trading forex our income will be substantially higher than when we both worked full-time."
Eric Airie, New Jersey - USA

"Thanks for your information on forex software and forex trading platforms. I decided against buying an e-book at the beginning and opened a demo account at ForexYard. I really enjoy their trading platform and find it extremely easy to use. I tried a few other places and didn't like them nearly as much as it was too complicated. The ForexYard platform is easy to use and now I'm trading with real money and loving it!"
Sam Samuelson, Nassau - Bahamas successful man trading forex from home

"After losing so much money with the recent stock market crash, I decided to trust myself and put my future in my own hands. I'm tired of dealing with financial advisors who have their best interest at heart. When it comes right down to it, the fact is that no one cares about your financial security than you do. Now I feel like I'm controlling my destiny!"
Trent Perozny , San Diego - USA

"The best thing about forex trading is you can do it from home whenever you want to. My friends and relatives can't understand where I'm making so much money from...I guess I should tell them pretty soon or they'll think I'm doing something illegal! I just don't know if I want them doing it too - more money for me, lol..."
Brandon Lunn , Boston - USA

"Great site!! Every site I went to at first made me want to give up before I even started. I couldn't believe Forex trading could be that complex as some of my buddies have been doing it for awhile. This site was the first one that made sense to me."
Jamie Collins, Vancouver - Canada

"Forex trading is definitely what I've been searching for, for a long time. Complete independence and I can work when I want and conduct trades from anywhere. It's definitely an excellent way to build wealth and create a retirement nest egg. I don't want to count on the government when I retire, and now I don't worry about not having enough money when I retire. Forex has certainly bought me my freedom!"
Jim Durrant, Minneapolis - USA

This is just a small portion of the hundreds of people we've heard from that have found success trading forex. In today's shaky economy the only way to achieve the financial security and comfortable retirement you deserve, is to take control of your future yourself. Forex gives you the ability to control your own destiny and live the live you've always wanted. Learn to trade forex and the future you've always dreamed of can be yours!



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