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Forex Software - Trading platforms and forex.

Every forex broker has their own forex trading platform, which simply put is the software or trading program which facilitates your buying and selling of currency. It allows you to do a variety of functions like setting stop loss limits, profit points, place buy or sell orders, etc. Every broker has some sort of software program to run their platform, however some are more user friendly than others, so it's important to choose a trading platform that you feel comfortable with.

example of forex trading softwareMost forex trading platforms will need you to download their trading software to your computer so that you can access their systems and conduct your trades. It's quite similar to and many other types of sites that require you to download their system to play - so don't be concerned by the fact that you have to download software - it's quite standard in the forex industry.

In addition to the trading platform software that forex brokers use, you'll also find many companies out there selling forex software they claim will make you 'guaranteed profits' and other such claims. Most of these are different programs that use various systems and historical data to teach you when to buy and when to sell a specific currency pair. Some of these software programs might have some benefit, but most forex brokers have various forex tools which will be just as effective and you won't have to pay for.

Be aware that like any industry where a lot of money is at stake, there will be lots of people and companies out there trying to make a quick buck on unsuspecting victims. Do almost any kind of "forex" search on the internet and you'll see tons of ads from different "forex gurus" trying to get you to buy their e-book on how to trade forex.

Keep in mind that chances are if someone had a "guaranteed money making system" for forex, they would be using it themselves to make millions of dollars - not selling it to everyone else for a hundred bucks. Many of these people are making money - but from selling their e-books - not from trading forex.

We encourage you to learn as much as possible about forex by doing your own research - there's lots of information available online from sites like this and many others that aren't trying to sell you something for their own profit. The more information you gather and the more you learn on your own the more you'll realize you don't need any help from these forex gurus who are simply trying to make a buck themselves.


Forex trading software - which is best?

There is no easy answer to the question of "which forex trading platform is best?" This is because all forex trading software is different, and most offer different options and functions. Although they all aim to accomplish the same thing, it mainly comes down to ease of use for the forex trader, and all people are different, so what's the best platform for you might not be the best for someone else.

The best way to determine which forex software works for you, is to sign up for a free forex demo account at a number of forex brokers, and see which platform appeals to you. It doesn't cost a dime to open a practice account, and you'll be using the same forex software as the people using the real accounts.

Not only will this be an excellent crash course in forex, as you'll be conducting a number of practice forex trades throughout your various demo accounts, but you'll also quickly see which trading platforms you prefer using. Picking a trading platform is a very important consideration when choosing a forex broker, and you should pick one you understand and find easy to use, before depositing any real money. man confused with forex trading platform

Other factors you'll want to consider before opening a real forex trading account include thinks like what kind of leverage is available, what kind of spreads does the broker offer, and what kind of bonuses are offered for your deposit.

Once you've chosen the forex broker that offers the best trading platform for your trading style, then it's a good idea to concentrate on just using that platform for awhile, before making your first deposit and trading forex with real money.

Trading forex is very exciting and can be a very profitable hobby and/or job. As a result, many people just getting into forex find it hard to stick with practice accounts and want to "jump in" and trade forex for real. We certainly understand their excitement and enthusiasm for wanting to trade forex.

However, as we learned the hard way, this is almost always a very bad idea. Many people jump in and start trading forex with real money before they really understand how it works. This almost always ends in disaster as they quickly lose a few hundred or thousand dollars, get disillusioned with forex, and quit.

That's why we can't emphasize enough how important it is to take your time, learn as much as you can, and practice with a demo account before jumping in and trading forex for real. While a huge potential for profit exists with forex, this means there is also a great potential for loss. Unfortunately, the people who jump into forex trading too soon are often the ones supplying the profits for more experienced, and more patient forex traders.

Many forex brokers have excellent demo accounts you can try for free, and the 3 listed below are generally regarded as 3 of the best ones available in the industry - plus they offer excellent bonuses for when you're ready to make your first actual deposit. Try a few different trading platforms and you'll soon figure out which works best for you. Then you'll be ready to jump in and experience the thrill of forex trading for the first time!



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